Where to Find Affordable Arborists in Brisbane CBD

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Are you looking to get rid of a dead, unwanted or dangerous tree off your property? Removing a tree is an exhaustive job, and it is quite expensive because removing trees involves many complexities. The tree removal cost varies, based on the size of a tree, a small tree can cost as much as $200 and if you want to remove a big tree, keep $1000 or more in mind. This is just the estimate, and the actual cost may increase, depending on the extra services needed while removing a tree. 

The tree removal is expensive and costs a huge amount of money. But high competition among different service providers can help homeowners to take the benefits. Getting quotes from many companies can get you competitive prices. You need to know the reasons for the higher costs of removing trees before you call for quotes from different companies. 

How Is the Cost of Tree Removal Determined?

It’s everyone’s concern to know how much it would cost to remove a tree. It is difficult to determine the exact cost of removing a tree because of the multiple factors involved in the process. The fundamental contributor to the cost of tree removal is the size of tree and condition. Large trees are expensive to remove comparatively small trees. Besides, the cost also depends on the access to the tree and the amount of debris on the tree. If the tree’s access is easy, the cost will be less than the hard to access trees. The harder the work, the higher the pay. If the tree is huge and has more weight and strength, it will take more time, labour, and will ultimately cost more to remove. It takes a lot of time to climb, cut, and remove damaged or diseased trees than an active and healthy tree.

On average, a tree removing costs between $1000 to $2000, but it can increase on the following factors: 

Potential Dangers

Tree removal involves many dangers like proximity to power lines, falling from branches and other potential risks involved in cutting trees. There are multiple risks involved in removing trees, which require extra precautions. Trees are surrounded by many things like other structures, walls, and transmission lines, making it hard and take more effort to complete the process. 


In most tree removal, ladders and other tools like bucket lift are used to climb up the tree. However, in some cases, labour has to use ropes to climb, which is difficult and time consuming. In such complicated jobs, the cost of removing trees can be increased. 


Taking off debris from the site might also add up to the cost because it would require extra labour deployment. 

Service Charges

Tree companies charge different prices and demand for the services separately. Like companies charge extra $100 to $300 for stump grinding besides to the actual charges. 

We can conclude that the rising cost of tree removal is based on several unavoidable factors, and you can only realize the actual price when the tree is wholly razed from the property. 

How Can You Save On Tree Removal?

From the above scenario, it seems impossible and no way to avoid hefty costs of tree removal. But there are some ways out there to reduce the cost of tree removal. 

DIY Project

The cost of tree removal can be reduced if you’re willing to do some part of the job yourself. Like you can manage debris removal or disposal of branches, exclude these services from a company’s services and get some relief in savings. 

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed, the only part left is the stump. If you want to obliterate the stump, companies will additionally charge you up to $300 or more to pay for stump grinding if you can do it yourself. It’s unnecessary to remove the stump from the ground, so you can leave it as it is. 

Don’t Go After Big Brands

There is a huge competition when it comes to removing trees from the properties. You can find big brand companies as well as new startups. So it is obvious big brands charge high as compared to new or small companies. Get quotes from small companies as they charge less to the customers to expand their business. 

Get Discounts

Most companies offer discounts for removing trees. Contacting multiple companies and negotiating prices can help you to avail discounts from them. If you’re looking for reputable services in Brisbane, Colourful Tree Lopping are developing a strong name for themselves with their affordable services. Check out their website at: https://www.colourfultreeservices.com.au/.

Where to Go For More Information

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and our team will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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